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About Us

SYLAB S.A.R.L is a French technology company manufacturing Carbon & Sulfur, Ash Fusion and Fast Pyrolysis analyzers.

SYLAB France founded in 1989, and led for more than 30 years, by Christian PIVOVARD, a graduate of physics at Metz University.

His passion for scientific instrumentation and appetite for challenge led him to develop the first automatic Ash Fusion Analyzer working with image analysis in the world. He later went on to develop Carbon and sulphur Analyzers for Organic and Inorganic Applications.

His experience and passion have made SYLAB France a key player in industrial elemental analysis, especially in Europe.

Sylab S.a.r.l France and Sylab Instruments India are part of the same group company operating for the international market. We manufacture a comprehensive range of Carbon Sulfur, Ash fusion, Thermogravimetric, and Fast Pyrolysis analyzers to provide solutions for Organic and Inorganic applications covering a vast range of industries requiring Coal, Mineral and Material Analysis.